We Should Do This More Often

  • Title: We Should Do This More Often
  • Fandom: BBC Merlin
  • Characters: Merlin, Freya
  • Pairing: Freylin
  • Summary: Merlin and Freya walk home from a good day spent at the park.
  • Rating: T
  • Word Count: 269


She spoke in barely a whisper, so as not to wake Brook, but he heard her clearly through the rather peaceful silence of the early evening, nonetheless. The two of them walked side by side, hands laced together as they made their way back home. Their daughter, very young and usually so full of energy, now lay sound asleep in Merlin’s arm, her head against his shoulder, completely wiped out and said energy spent. His jacket covered her small form, blocking her from the slight chill of the evening breeze.

It had been such a lovely day, and since they’d both had time off from work, the young couple had agreed that the perfect way to spend the day was by spending it entirely with Brook, hanging out in the park. They swam in the lake off and on, and had a picnicked lunch. When they weren’t swimming or eating, Merlin and Freya were chasing their toddler around, burning energy and generally just having a good time with one another.

“Hmm?” he answered just as quietly, turning his blue eyes down to her.

Freya looked up at him, a warm smile on her lips, “We should do this more often.”

“Yeah,” he said softly, dropping her hand to wrap his arm around her slender waist, to pull her closer and into his side, “I’d love that.”

She turned her head up a bit to place a lingering kiss to his jaw-line, before wrapping her own arms around him, hugging him to her, her head against his other shoulder, sighing contently. “I’d love that, too,” Freya told her husband.


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