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I grew up in Washington State, with three of my four siblings, my parents, grandparents (my father's parents) and my aunt (father's sister) and uncle. My oldest sibling, who is my only brother, is mentally ill, so he didn't and still doesn't, live with the family, but instead in a place that have people who can take care of him. We all love him dearly, even if we don't see him much, and only have brief telephone calls. He is six years older than I am. My second eldest sibling, is two years ahead of me. She has four children - three girls and a boy. The next in line of my family, is my twin sister, Kayla. She is 20 minutes older than me, and was twice my size when we were born. She was almost 7lbs, and I was barely 5lbs. So I've been told. While we are twins, we are complete opposites - she has always been more wild and more boy crazy, and I've always been the more subdued twin. She solves her problems by cursing loudly and obscenely and punching, while I solve mine by silent glaring and deep breaths. She is currently dating a man named Mike, and they have two beautiful children. Then comes me! Not much to say about me, sadly. I have a horrible pen purse is filled with pens of all kinds, and most I never use but refuse to throw away! When I was in school, and even now at work, someone will borrow one of my pens and I will hound then down until I get it back! Yet I'll never use it myself! Bad habit, I suppose, everyone has one. I don't do much of anything outside, but rather stay inside and mess with the computer - browse around, read fanfics, write stories, blog, etc. An exciting life, I have! I live with my father and his mother (my grandmother). The last of the family, is my younger sister, who is two years (it is actually closer to twenty months) younger than Kayla and I. She is one of those youngest-siblings that, when grown, are the toughest of the bunch. She is one strong girl! Her hits are like a brick, I'm serious!

A Hunting Dog, You Say?

  • Title: A Hunting Dog, You Say?
  • Fandom: BBC Merlin
  • Characters: Merlin, Gwen, Gaius, Percival, Gwaine
  • Pairing: General
  • Summary: Gwen saves a puppy, Merlin sees to it’s injuries, and they have to figure out who to give her to, because although they can’t keep her, what with their demanding duties as royal servants, they do want to give her a good home. That’s where Gwaine and Percival come in.
  • Rating: T
  • Word Count: 2,255

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The Dog House

  • Title: The Dog House
  • Fandom: BBC Merlin
  • Characters: Merlin, Arthur
  • Pairing: Merthur
  • Summary: Arthur read through the instructions for the fifth time, his face distorted in confusion. He blinked his eyes, and refocused. Nope, it was still in English – so why was was he finding this so hard to comprehend? He scratched at his head, feeling his frustration growing, as he once again read through it a sixth time.“What the hell does that even mean?” he bemoaned, before looking over at his boyfriend for help.
  • Rating: T
  • Word Count: 1,061

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