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Hug Me

  • Title: Hug Me
  • Fandom: BBC Merlin
  • Characters: Merlin, Arthur
  • Pairing: General
  • Summary: Arthur refuses a hug, and Merlin pouts.
  • Rating: T
  • Word Count: 570

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The Dog House

  • Title: The Dog House
  • Fandom: BBC Merlin
  • Characters: Merlin, Arthur
  • Pairing: Merthur
  • Summary: Arthur read through the instructions for the fifth time, his face distorted in confusion. He blinked his eyes, and refocused. Nope, it was still in English – so why was was he finding this so hard to comprehend? He scratched at his head, feeling his frustration growing, as he once again read through it a sixth time.“What the hell does that even mean?” he bemoaned, before looking over at his boyfriend for help.
  • Rating: T
  • Word Count: 1,061

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